About Us

A dream begins! The unconditioned love we always had for Labrador retrievers became the reason to start. In September 2014 we got our first Labrador, Claudia. She was the first star in our Kingdom of Major Stars!

The name of our kennel was vested in 2015. Deciding for the new members of our kennel was hard and it was made after considering health tests of the parents, pedigree and morphological characteristics of each dog. So, Quella and Mina were successfully added in our family. Quincy and Rupert were the last to major stars, which completed our team!

Our Labradors have competed in several dog shows with excellent results and very flattering judgments from international judges. They also completed their working tests in which they all succeeded too! So, our dream really came true! We are responsible and careful breeders and we breed only when we think it is necessary. Breeding dogs should first participate at specific dog shows, take every health test and then responsibly breed. Our aim is to breed healthy and very good looking dogs.

We promise the new owners that we will always be close during their new puppy's' life.